Are online casino bonuses worthwhile?

online-casino-bonusesThese days the internet is absolutely saturated with online casinos, there are far more than there has ever been in the past, and the sheer number of them can make it increasingly difficult for potential new players to choose between them all and settle down with one particular platform.

One tool that online casinos use to lure potential new customers is by offering a range of bonuses and promotions, and these are often the best way for people to narrow down their options and decide which UK online casino to play at. In this day and age the vast majority of people love getting a good deal and getting more out of their money, and anyone who knows a thing or two about online casino sites will be well aware that there are a number of bonus and promotions on offer to help attract new customers, and to ensure that existing customers keep coming back to an online casino for more. After all isn’t that the reason behind why most people use an online casino or play any sort of online casino game, because of the prospect that they will be getting more out of the game than they put into it and the potential for winnings.

Welcome Casino Bonus

The most notorious of all of the bonuses and promotions that are available at online casino UK sites has got to be the welcome bonus. Being honest, this is what usually attracts the attention of new players in the first place. Welcome bonuses also often tend to prove to be the most lucrative of all the casino online bonus formats because of the fact that this promotion is usually ran as a package deal, which includes match bonuses on the first few deposits made. This means that if someone were to make an initial deposit of £50, then the casino would match this with another £50, giving him or her a total of £100 to play with right off the bat.

Think about it like this, the welcome casino bonus deals that you see often represent a sampling tool for the online casino. You can pick it up with minimal effort and use it to trial what an online casino has to offer, gambling for real, but with all the usual associated risks and costs.

No Deposit Casino Bonus

No deposit bonuses are exactly what they sound like; an online casino will reward players with free cash, without the need for them to first deposit any of their own money. However, you should always read the fine print regarding the promotions related to an online casino no deposit bonus at any online casino, as they tend to impose their own set of restrictions on their no deposit promotions. For instance the games that the offer can be used with usually doesn’t include all games in the casino’s library. It’s not only cash that is given to players through no deposit bonuses either, as these promotions also includes free spins and free play on certain games. When it comes down to it, anyone and everyone knows that no deposit casino bonus deals are the cream of the crop.

Loyalty Bonus

Online casinos really tend to value loyalty; they appreciate you sticking with them instead of joining another online casino. That’s why the majority of online casinos offer some sort of loyalty programme or bonus, which is usually a point based system, meaning that throughout your online casino career you will accumulate points each time you deposit cash or play a game. Save up enough of these points and they can then be exchanged for cash prizes, so doing nothing more than playing your favourite games as usual will help you to win even more money.

Refer a Friend Bonus

Finally, it is well worth us mentioning an old favourite, as refer a friend bonus deals are certainly on the comeback trail. Making up of the “social” element of online casino gaming, these bonuses now add another incentive into the mix. What this means is that players can now earn money by recommending a certain online casino to others. Enjoy an online casino? Well, recommend it to others and you may just make some cold hard cash as a result.

The Era of the Casino Bonus!

Journey back 15 or 20 years and you will have found that the concept of a casino bonus was alien, with most people simply scoffing at the term. How times have changed, as online casino bonuses are truly rife throughout the industry in 2017. It has actually now reached a point where the bonus deals you come across are now cornerstones in the industry. So, if you ever stop and wonder if online casino bonuses are worthwhile, fear not, as we are here to tell you that they 100% are!

online casinos cheat?

Do online casinos cheat?

online casinos cheat?Playing at an online casino is a thrill to most people, largely because of the fact that they are putting money on the line and are taking risks, that’s what online casinos are all about after all. Playing at an online casino is risky enough in itself, but add on top of that the fact that some online casinos and their games might be rigged then you have a truly daunting online gambling experience lying ahead of you. There are gamblers that continue to insist that online casinos are rigged and you will see the impossible happen way more often than you should, with these voices surprisingly getting louder in recent months.

Because of the myths and rumours that swirl around the online casino industry, it appears that the term “cheat” is cropping up more and more, especially when it comes to the online casino bonus and the online casino no deposit bonus. Considering that we have some experience heads on our shoulders, we are going to answer the question “do online casinos cheat?” over the course of the following article.

Frequency of game results

A great advantage of playing at any online casino is the fact that you get to play at your own pace. You are playing against the casino itself (also listed as the house) which means you don’t have to worry about anyone else, their speed of gameplay, or placing their bets or waiting for their bets to be cashed out. They also have the advantage of there bring no physical aspects to the game, such as cards and chips, which means there is no clean up between games you play at a casino online.

Everything at an online casino seems to be quicker which means online players can play more games per hour at an online casino than they would at any land based casino. However, there is also a downside to this, because the pace of an online casino is faster it gives the impression that unusual events – such as consecutive blacks or reds in a game of Roulette – are happening more frequently, when in fact the probability is exactly the same at both land based and online casinos. These high-level frequency results in games can sometimes trick players into thinking that a UK online casino is fixing matters in its own favour.

The act of playing alone

Because of the fact that you are playing alone while playing at a UK online casino, it means that you don’t have the ability to see how your opponents or other players are faring in a game. This has the possibility to affect your mental attitude while playing online compared to how it would at a land-based casino. For instance, if you find yourself on a losing streak at a land based casino then the odds are that not all of the players at your table is are on a losing streak, and you will be able to see if other players are having any luck. But on the flip side when you’re playing at an online casino and find yourself on a losing streak then you are unable to see what luck the other players are having, meaning that it can be easy to accuse the online casino (or even online casinos) of being dishonest.

Erasing and moving past old reputations

In recent years the popularity of casino online gaming has simply sky rocketed beyond belief, meaning that more and more people are now learning to trust online casinos. But this was not always the case, back at the start of it all, it was known that some online casinos did cheat because it was easier for them to get away with it. Nowadays, however, online casinos are more heavily regulated meaning that they are being monitored for fairness and reliability, thus those online casinos that are less than reputable have been run out of the business and blacklisted by those who regulate the industry on a whole. Breaking things down, in 2017 the industry has really cleaned itself up, to the point where online casino gaming can be considered a viable form of mainstream entertainment.

The answer is simple really

The question of “do online casinos cheat?” is big to say the very least, as it really does encompass pretty much every inch of the industry. Looking at the matter – taking in all of the above – it was clear that online casinos did once have a “cheat” streak, largely as they were able to freely get away with it. However, times have changed, with the industry now under increased levels of regulation. For our two cents, players need to have no concerns about gambling at an online casino, as 99% of platforms out there are now “cheat” free and fully safe.

online casino money

How do online casinos make money?

online casino moneyWe live in the age of new technology and this includes online casinos and various linked online casino bonus deals. The numbers and varieties of online casino UK sites is simply huge in 2017. So the question that has to be asked is, how can they all stay in business and make money? The honest answer is not all of them actually do. Lack of customer support and large financial losses close down some of the smaller casino online brands within the industry, as this business sector certainly has the power to be cruel at times. However, the major players seem to find a way to survive, some of which have been around for over 20 years, showcasing some serious metal over the past two decades.

Profit margins and funds are key to a successful online casino. Too many large losses and the funds will run dry, resulting in the business closing down. Nobody thinks of a casino running out of money, but occasionally it can happen. So UK online casino sites need to ensure this does not happen, by covering themselves against that risk, and avoiding exposing themselves to big losses. As a player you need to keep on your toes at all times, looking for inducements that casinos offer as a means to part you from your money. These are some of the most common and popular ways that online casinos will use to ensure that they are the ones making the money.

Learning about the house edge

Regardless of the gambling organisation, be it bookmakers, poker room, online casino, or even online casino no deposit, it will always have something working in its favour, with this factor being the house edge. This will be covered in the odds given and the prices you pay. This is known as stacking the odds in favour of the house, enabling gambling establishments to manage the variances and to balance out these anomalies, so that they can maintain a profit over both the short term and the long term.

Let’s look at example, which should help you get a better grasp of what we are talking about. The odds you are given when playing blackjack is a good place to start. These will be worked out and based on the house edge, meaning that over a long period of time the house will invariably come out on top. Some players develop their own systems (card counting being one of them) in the hope that they can beat the house odds and thus dent the house’s profits in the process.

What you choose to pay will determine how much edge the house has on you. Games like Roulette and slot machines are where the house makes the most money. Whereas games such as Blackjack and Craps will still give the house an edge, but significantly lower, thus giving players a better shot at walking away from the game a winner.

RTP values

Slot machines is an area where you know what the house edge is up front, as casinos are legally obliged to tell you. This is not something that is hidden away. Slots games allow you to see the return to player percentages, allowing you to work out the house edge and estimate what return you will get from your stake. Return to player industry standards are somewhere in the region of 96%. So for every £100 gambled on a particular slot machines with a 96% return to player figure, the house or casino will make £4 profit.

As an online gambler it’s possible to improve your return to player values by establishing which games pay out the best values. Look for any promotional offers that may help your chances of winning. As an example, look for slot machines that have free spins or bets available. Choosing these games is one way of increasing your chances of getting a good payout.

How to beat an online casino’s money earning powers

As you gain experience playing slots (which certainly comes about over times) you will soon identify various ways that you can play the casinos at their own game. Try to load the odds a little more in your favour by developing your own workable system of play. Make use of offers and promotions, allowing you to play with the casino’s money. Lose and you are not out of pocket, win and the profits are all yours.

The house edge is a fact of life when you choose to gamble online, so be aware of it (along with return to player values) in order to help you establish a system that suits you and reduces this edge. It can aid with the types of bets that can be placed and their profit potential. This has been proven and has helped some people regularly beat the casinos over a period of time.

Putting it in a simple fashion, the house edge is there to stop you winning when playing at an online casino, so it’s up to you to overcome it and hammer an online casino’s bottom line!

online casino dealer

How do online casino games work?

online casino dealerThere are good online casino games, there are unfinished online casino games, but there’s no such thing as a truly bad online casino game in our opinion. The reason for that is because the market is ruled by companies such as NetEnt and Microgaming, which have released countless top casino online titles so far, making themselves known as the leading brands in the casino software development world. But there are still plenty of new gamblers that don’t know everything there is to know to the industry, especially when it comes to online casino games, which is why we decided to create this short blog. Here we will basically explain to you how online casinos work in general. We hope that this proves helpful to you and that you learn a thing or two from our helpful tips and tricks!

Table Games

Table games are very popular nowadays (as they have always been), and the reason for that is because they are so simple to get a hold of. Take for example Roulette or Craps, they’ve never been more popular than they are today at UK online casino sites, and although they are not the most popular online casino games nowadays, they definitely are some of the most profitable because they don’t revolve around skill per se. They revolve around luck mostly, which is why so many players love them. As long as they have good luck they will win, and if they don’t then they lose, it’s that simple in table online casino UK games terms. They are most popular in Europe and France, but America also tends to play these types of games a lot, as table online casino games certainly still has the punters of the world gripped.

Card Games

Card games rule the market nowadays, with Blackjack, Poker and Baccarat leading the way. Everybody knows how to play poker nowadays, which is very convenient since it is one of the few online casino games that has more to do with skill than it does with luck. It’s not a simple “rock paper scissors” type of a game, but that’s why it’s so popular, as players can simply jump right into it.

Baccarat on the other hand is a bit less popular, but it is not as difficult to understand, as some players will have you thinking. It starts off simple enough, with all of the players getting a set of cards, and the winner is the one that can get the closest to number 9. Baccarat revolves a lot more around luck than Poker, with a fair amount of skill also in the mix.

Although this is not a 100% bulletproof fact, it is said that Blackjack is even more popular than Poker in certain areas of the world. It is similar to Baccarat, although you have to get close to the number 21, instead of 9, and you aren’t allowed to pass it. Because should you do, this online casino may just hammer your online casino UK account balance.

Slots and Video Poker Games

Slots and video poker games are incredibly simple to understand; they are the most basic games you can play at any online casino in our opinion. With slots you just need to spin to win, and you have to keep an eye out for the wild symbol and the scatter symbol if you want to maximize your profit. You’ll often receive free spins or free money in slots too, which will definitely help you enjoy yourself a lot more than you would normally.

Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games are about as basic as they come, you just spectate over the match and you hope that you win. This is the safest category there is out there, and you can definitely make a hefty profit out of these any day. That being said, as far as advancements in the industry are concerned, live dealer games arguably represent the pinnacle. What they’ve been able to do is take land-based play and mesh it together seamlessly with the digital format of gambling that players know and love.

There is a game for every occasion!

No matter what your choice is, there’s only one absolute, and that is the fact that online casinos and online casino bonus deals bring players together. We gamblers have always enjoyed a good punt, no matter if we win or lose. Of course, it feels good to rise to the top, but the thrill of the game is even more enjoyable. This is why we’re all so happy with the huge selection of games we have nowadays, and this is why we need to thank companies such as Microgaming and NetEnt for giving us so many options. These days, there really is an online casino no deposit game for practically every occasion.

online casino bonus

How do online casino bonus wagering requirements work?

online casino bonusIn this day and age, it gets extremely difficult to choose the best online casino for your needs as a punter. Because – quite frankly – unless you’ve been living under a rock, the online casino industry has been evolving constantly over the past couple of years. This is both a good thing and a bad thing, since on one hand it means that there is way more UK online casino sites to choose from, practically the pond is filled with fish nowadays and they are all one swing away, but on the other hand there are way too many options out there.

Excess is not something that we encourage, and in this scenario it can work against the players themselves, making them prone to stumbling upon bad online casino bonus deals, scammers, or just overall mismatched online casinos. This is why we’ve decided to write this short article. We will be concentrating on the main problem that most gamblers stumble upon, which is the online casino bonus and online casino no deposit bonus wagering requirements. If you thought that this was useful then make sure to check out some of our other articles too, as they will definitely help you gain a better understanding of the online casino industry on a whole.

The main reason as to why these casino online bonus offers trick so many people is the fact that they are practically impossible to get a grasp on, unless you read up on every single terms and condition that comes with them. Because of this most players just end up ignoring them and throwing them aside, not even trying to understand what they offer. But in the end, those seemingly unnecessary terms and conditions can really prove to be the most important part when looking for a new online casino to invest in. So, always make sure to read up on every single sentence you can get your hands on. If you won’t then you could very well end up with a handicap right as you make your first deposit at the online casino. Don’t take what we’ve just said lightly, as the small print can have a real impact on your overall gambling experience, so don’t ever openly ignore it.

Okay, so let’s start with the first thing you need to look into when looking for a new online casino to invest in, and that is the welcome bonus. A lot of online casino UK sites will offer incredibly profitable welcome bonuses, but after they have you on their hook it is incredibly hard to pull out of the trap. This is why you need to look into everything that comes with the package, for example, you might receive £100 at first, but it might also say in there that unless you make 10 times that amount you won’t be able to withdraw anything. You can also be fooled by them through another tactic, also known as the “Beginner’s Luck” tactic. Although this is considered more of a myth than anything else, a lot of players believe that some online casinos purposely up the luck factor during the first couple of weeks of playing, thus making you believe that you’re on a roll, so you would end up depositing more and more money, falling right in the pre-planned pitfall.

Another very important step you need to make sure you don’t trip over is the VIP bonus section. You might not believe that that part is in any way important, since you don’t believe you’ll deposit anywhere near enough to gain anything from that, but you never know. Over the course of the years if the online casino still stands then you will have invested quite a small fortune in it, which would result in plenty of bonuses from the VIP program. Make sure that the online casino has a VIP program and that it’s up to par with your preferred options. Loyalty and persistence should be rewarded at an online casino, so if the one you’ve come across doesn’t allow for that, we recommend that you steer clear.

Online casino bonus deals are presented here, there, and everywhere in 2017, but they are by no means as complicated as some players would have you believe. The key is getting a firm grasp on what means what when it comes to wagering requirements. The above should help you do just that, so commit the information to memory, and start mastering online casino bonus wagering requirements today!

online casino dice

Which online casino pays real money?

online casino diceWhen it comes to the online casino industry, it is becoming extremely hard to distinguish between legit online casinos that have everything and the lower tier online casinos that barely scrape by. This is why so many players tend to go for only the most popular choices out there, thus ignoring new and up coming competition altogether, which we don’t believe should be the case since there are some real gems out there for players to sink their wallets into. supports the idea of following whichever you prefer. But still, just so you don’t end up getting scammed or anything like that, we decided to create this short blog in which we basically give you a few examples of some online casino sites that pay real money.

Giving you a real leg up on other players, any punter that has real cash on the brain has without doubt come to the right place. Listen up, as the following UK online casino sites dish out the best online casino bonus deals, the best online casino games, and – most importantly – the best online casino payouts!


Betway has made a name for itself by simply coining the phrase “the biggest online casino in the world”, but its rather enormous size has nothing to do with the success it received during the first few weeks after its launch. What really helped them make a name for themselves was the constant praise they received from critics, as this online casino UK has clearly gone the extra mile. For example, while many online casinos out there took weeks to process money from the withdrawal and depositing services, Betway takes less than 5 days per average. This is how they made sure they upped their competition and they made themselves known as the most legit online casino at the time.

888 Casino

888 Casino is definitely one of the leading casino online brands in the world today, and it managed to do this by simply going all out. It didn’t stop, it didn’t have a finish line, it didn’t have a set goal, the only goal that the company had was to be better than yesterday, and they certainly managed to keep it up over the years. For what feels like a very long time, 888 Casino has been the measuring stick as far as online casinos that pay real money are concerned. So, if experience is of interest to you, 888 Casino is a site that you can’t really afford to pass by.


Casumo is one of those online casinos that just feels safe and special from the moment you enter it. The very first thing you see is an official industry certification, and afterwards you can very easily find every single fact that there is about the company, right down to the gritty parts. However, gimmicks and security aside, what pushes Casumo over the top is the fact that the site isn’t afraid to put its hand in its pocket as it were.

Genting Casino

Casumo was made more for the younger audiences, but Genting Casino is quite obviously the exact opposite of that. For starters, Casumo is a lot more kid-friendly, it is bright and colourful, but Genting Casino gets straight to business from the very start. It is very traditional, and it manages to keep up the legacy extremely well. There’s no better online casino out there for those that look for something simple and yet rewarding at the same time.

Mr Green Casino

Mr Green Casino is definitely the most stylish online casino to come out during the last couple of years, as with a suit and a top hat, it certainly looks the part. It offers a blend of colour, safety and overall entertainment, which really boosts them up to the top of the pile in certain areas. For example, some online casinos tend to either go for style over substance, while others do the exact opposite, but Mr Green Casino definitely did a great job blending the two opposites together, making a mix that lasted for quite a while now, while also never showing any signs of slowing down.

Ladbrokes Casino

Are you looking for an online casino no deposit bonus? Are you looking for a simple yet charming online casino that offers real deals that pay in real money? Then Ladbrokes is definitely the online casino for you. This red top brand is synonymous with gambling in the UK, having been around both physically and digitally for so long. However, it can be argued that Ladbrokes only really solidified its place in the market upon the launch of Ladbrokes Casino. Meshing together traditional style with cold hard cash, it’s no shock to see why this online casino is so widely lauded as one of the best.


Which online casinos accept PayPal?

paypal-casinoWe couldn’t be any more exited about the world of online gambling in 2017, as the industry has come along leaps and bounds as of late. What was once a drab and mediocre form of entertainment is now situated on the cutting edge. Game changing in practically every department, online casino gaming these days is pretty much entering a brand new “Golden Generation”. What’s obvious is that the on the surface changes are drawing gamblers eyes to the “product” as it were, but it can be argued that what’s occurring beneath the surface is of more importance.

One thing that is certainly altering and improving the way players gamble at online casinos is the payment platforms. Nowadays the likes of cheques and bank transfers have been put in the rear view mirror, with new digital platforms starting to steal the spotlight. When it comes digital payment platforms, there are plenty of pretenders within the casino online realm, but there really is nothing quite like PayPal. Moulding seamlessly with several major online casino sites, it is now hard to imagine gambling online without it.

Helping players get aboard the PayPal train, we have put our minds to work and compiled a list of the best online casino UK sites that accept PayPal.

777 Casino

Kicking off this list, we are going to look at a relatively new addition to the UK online casino landscape. 777 Casino is an 888 product, but don’t be foolish enough to think that this site is an 888 Casino clone, because it is anything but. What this site can do is transport players to the desert of Nevada and the blinding lights of the Las Vegas strip. Oozing style out of each and every page, it’s the looks that are immediately attention grabbing, but what partners this is pure playing power. Ensuring that matters tick along smoothly, the inclusion of PayPal as a payment platform option really does round off 777 Casino, as it guarantees that fast cash is found around every turn.

Mr Green

There is hundreds upon hundreds of online casino sites out there, but there is only one real “style king” in our opinion. Mr Green rolled into town unlike any other online casino brand that has ever crossed our path. From the moment you load up the site you are greeted with a smartly dressed man with a bowler hat in tow. It is his black suit that really sets the tone for what the action is all about here, as from game to game, this site is nothing short of seamless. What makes the experience that much more enjoyable is the fact that PayPal is incorporated into the action, so withdrawals and deposits can be handled in a flash.


Now this name may catch you by surprise, because we suspect that you’ve probably not even heard of it before. Karamba is fresh off the online casino production line, but that makes it no less potent a force in our eyes. What is making Karamba so potent is the fact that its bonuses blow other sites out of the water. From online casino no deposit deals to a very welcoming online casino bonus that ushers you in through the digital entrance, on the online casino bonus front, Karamba dishes up plenty that’s worth savouring. Making these deals easier to grab is the fact that PayPal makes up a key part of the Karamba concoction.

32Red Casino

This list is going from strength to strength, with the next name on the countdown certainly representing a big hit on a number of levels. 32Red Casino is rightfully labelled as a true cornerstone of the online casino generation. What makes 32Red Casino such a respected name is that they cover every base. Enjoy classic casino games? Then 32Red Casino has you covered. Enjoy big-time online casino bonuses? Then 32Red Casino has them. Want to play the last online slots titles? Then rejoice, because guess what, 32Red Casino brings the very best to the table. With PayPal also in the fold, there really is no stopping 32Red Casino from hitting the big time.

PayPal online casinos pack quite the punch!

PayPal online casinos have proved to be a real game changer within the world of online casino gaming, as they’ve allowed players to move cash around in a flash. It’s now reached a point where any gambler can be up and running online in mere second. For our money, if you want to experience the very best in PayPal online casino play, look no further than the sites mentioned above, as that is exactly what they bring to the table!

online casino art

Which online casino can I trust?

online casino artWhen it comes to online casinos, there’s really no real difference between a “Triple A” title and a “made overnight” project, which is why it becomes extremely difficult to tell whether or not an online casino is trustworthy or not. Nobody wants to get scammed, and let’s be honest here, there’s no real retribution in the end even when this does actually occur. The players don’t get their money back 90% of the time, and when they do it’s usually a one in a million chance of being the actual full amount, which is why we decided to make this short blog. In it we have prepared a series of tests through which you can tell whether an online casino UK is trustworthy or not. We discovered that 9/10 times these are effective, but just in case, always make sure that you’re the sceptical one in the room, never trust any UK online casino out of hand when it comes to your own money, and never allow anyone to get the upper hand on you.

With that being said, we will also give a couple of examples of the best online casinos out there, although to be perfectly clear, there is no real “best choice” out there, there are just preferences. There will always be a better choice out there technically speaking, but if you fall in love with the online casino you’re using right now, then there’s no real need to change anytime soon, as long as it is a proven trustworthy casino online.

Hello Casino

The first example comes from our audience’s top choice in the form of Hello Casino. This online casino stands out through the fact that since the first day of its release all the way to present day it’s been attracting more and more players. You can tell whether an online casino is legit or not by its community size, so do look into that before you actually decide whether you want to deposit any money in a random online casino you just found online. But if you want our two cents, Hello Casino ticks all the boxes of an online casino that you can depend on.


If you know anything about the online casino industry, then you must have heard about Betspin before. After all it is one of the top online casinos of our generation, which is where you should look into when you’re looking for a trustworthy online casino. These casinos don’t just get on top for no reason, they follow a certain formula that keeps them up there, which includes handing out easy to understand online casino no deposit bonus offers.


InstaCasino has proven the fact that longevity can make you a juggernaut in the online casino industry, as long as you can keep your fists high and you can contest most online casinos that come out after your release. So, if you want to know for a fact that an online casino is legit, make sure that you check its longevity time. For this reason, InstaCasino is a must visit, as it has the act of longevity down to a fine art in our opinion, as it continues to see off younger competition year after year.

Dazzle Casino

Dazzle Casino has made a name for itself by choosing a very risky theme, in the form of something that is obviously goofy and way over the top. Most people wouldn’t like an online casino that takes itself so lightly, but Dazzle Casino has definitely proven that having a different style can really help you on the long run. On top of this over the top nature, through the online casino bonus deals offered, it’s also proving itself to be very trustworthy.

Glimmer Casino

Glimmer Casino took a massive risk too when it decided to focus more on the female gamblers than on the male demographic. This of course sounded silly at first, but after checking up on it, it became quite clear that the producers knew what they were doing when they made this online casino. Trust and a female touch certainly make Glimmer Casino the force that it is. took a different approach than most other online casinos out there. For example, decided to concentrate a lot less on design and theme, and shift its focus on the bonus deals that it offers. Simply said, we here at absolutely love what they did, and if you prefer a hefty bonus to a flashy UI and trust to silly gimmicks, then this is the online casino for you. Remember, while it may have the most desired domain name around, has plenty to more than offer than a completely obvious URL.

online casino dealer

Which online casino has the most players?

online casino dealerAs you may have noticed, the way that we choose to entertain ourselves is changing. Where we once had to make do with land-based entertainment, everything is now online, with thousands of hours of fun now at the fingertips of millions. One industry that has managed to keep up with the sheer innovation that’s taking place in the world of entertainment is online casino gambling. Long gone are the old, haggard animations of old, with modern online casinos looking fresh and vibrant. The industry on a whole is really feeling like its come of age these days, with it able to rival video games and film on practically every level.

Considering just how “in vogue” casino online sites are right now, players always want to gamble somewhere in which the atmosphere is hot. To generate that “hot” atmosphere, an online casino site needs player numbers, and it needs them on a high level. Helping you find the casino sites that are bursting at the seams with members, we’ve stepped in to lend you our extensive knowledge. The following are the most popular online casinos of the moment and thus have the most players.


Starting as we mean to go on, we are going to discuss the hottest new online casino UK name around. LeoVegas adverts are now all over the television, with the brand seemingly coming from out of nowhere. What has drawn players in droves to this online casino is the fact that the platform has toes in both the standard and mobile online casino markets. Many other UK online casino names boast about having mobile casino online platforms, but none can quite match what LeoVegas brings to the table. Packed wall to wall with players, anyone who wants the best cross device online casino action needs to look no further than LeoVegas.

Part of an online casino’s popularity can come about through accessibility, so for that reason there is no online casino on the face of the earth that is any more accessible than The reason for this is clear; is clearly the most desirable URL in the entire realm of gambling. What this has meant is that upstart punters flock to the online casino out of pure curiosity, but that isn’t even the best part. Pushing to the very top and ensuring that they stick around is the various online casino bonus promotions that it throws out. Page for page, loves to prove that it is much more than an obvious URL.

Grosvenor Casino

It started on land, with the premises of the brand found all around the UK, but now Grosvenor Casino runs rule over the online domain. Unlike other land-based brands, Grosvenor Casino got with the program really quick and understood what was needed to make an impact in the eyes of players. Now what Grosvenor Casino is able to do is seemingly mesh together both land-based play and online play together as one. Offers run between both, while the live casino is based out of legitimate premises, which only assure people that they are getting a truly authentic gambling experience. Classy and compelling, it’s no wonder why players tend to give Grosvenor Casino plenty of time.

Bet365 Casino

Bet365 is truly dominant in the realm of sports betting, with it carrying this level of dominance into the world of online casino play. Looking almost identical to the sports betting platform, what the site is able to do is bring over players through cross-platform online casino bonus deals and promotions. There really are hundreds of hybrid online casinos out there, which push both sports betting and casino play through a single platform. However, none of these sites can even get close to Bet365 Casino in our opinion.

Mr Green

Within the realm of online casino play, there is plenty to be said for style. In the style stakes, there is only one name worth mentioning in our opinion. Mr Green – with his sharp suit and bowler hat – has drawn in players by the hundreds of thousands in recent years. Every inch of the platform has a distinct pizzazz, to the point where it actually puts it slightly above similar level online casinos. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll find that online casino no deposit bonus offers are rife at Mr Green as well. When it comes to Mr Green, we happily tip our hat to the man himself.

Royal Panda

Rounding off this list, we really do need to take a look at another industry newcomer and one that has been able to put pedal to the metal when it comes to drumming up player interest. With its mascot representing a certain Kung-Fu Panda, what this casino has going in its favour is chirpy charm and plenty of it. What is really solidifying the online casino in the eyes of the public though is the game selection, as it really is impressively well rounded. Table games, slot games, exotic releases, and so much more, players at Royal Panda have the luxury of experiencing a large helping of pretty much everything.

The power of the people!

It has been said before that numbers speak volumes, with this being especially true when it comes to online casino gaming. What player numbers indicate is that an online casino is doing something right, and giving punters the experience that they are looking for. So, if you’ve ever wandered which online casinos have the most players, the four listed above reveals what’s what and where you should be playing!

online casino

Which online casino pays the best?

online casinoWhen it comes to online casino gaming, it’s really either a hit or miss when you’re looking for an online casino bonus, let alone the best action. The reason for that is the fact that there are so many options out there, and there is so little time to look up every single detail there is, which is why we here at have decided to create this short article. As here we will not be concentrating on stuff like design or theme choice, but on the issue that most players have a problem with, that being payment power.

So many online casinos nowadays tend to have little to no real “meat” to them, if you know what we mean. They are too conservative, and they’re afraid of offering extremely profitable rewards, unless they know for a fact that they can make it back and then some, but who can blame them, really? This is why we are so grateful whenever we do see casino online sites that go all out, online casinos that aren’t afraid of showing their players that they care about them and are willing to put big-time cash prizes on the line to prove it. So, all in all we hope that you enjoy this short article, as its going to point you in the direction of the UK online sites that pay the best and carry the most punching power.


LeoVegas has definitely made a name for itself by basically showing everybody that rewarding your players with a huge payout percentage can be extremely profitable. It offers a payout percentage of 96.50%, which is insane for most online casinos, even to this day. This is why LeoVegas is known as one of the best online casinos in the world, with its mobile online casino UK platform certainly helping to push this brand over the top.


Partycasino is one of those online casinos that knew it wouldn’t be able to make a name for itself only through its name and theme alone, which is why it went for a different approach. It went for the rewarding approach, and just like that, it managed to assure a 96.50% payout rate for all of their players, and for that reason it has become beloved among punters. Bringing the party unlike ever before, Partycasino is a show-off, show stopping online casino if there ever was one.


Casumo is definitely odd, but we can’t help but talk about it nonetheless, since it’s not a bad type of odd, more of an intriguing variant on what an online casino can be. When we first looked into it, it basically didn’t show anything out of the ordinary, as it was online casino no deposit bonuses and very little else, but our jaws dropped to the ground when we saw that they offered a payout rate of 97%. That is out of this world, whether you like it or not you have to agree that this was a massive risk that they took, but fortunately it paid off in the end.

Mr Green Casino

Mr Green Casino also shows up in our lists quite a lot, and the reason for that is because it is one of the best online casinos of 2017. It has become extremely hard for any online casino to make a name for itself during the past couple of years, but Mr Green Casino did just that by offering an incredible 97.38% payout rate, which left its competition well and truly in the dust.

Rizk Casino

Rizk Casino definitely earned its title as the most popular online casino of its release year. Reason being that the theme is so far out there that players simply couldn’t afford not to sit up and take notice. On top of that, it also introduced us to the “Wheel of Rizk”, which is a bonus feature that is near enough impossible to put down. That being said, what really made it stand out was the fact that it offered an incredibly profitable payout rate of 97.68%. Definitely check this one out if you like the sound of superhero themed casino that comes with a very healthy payout figure.

Dunder Casino

Dunder Casino is one of those online casinos that rose up out of nowhere, but in a very short period of time it made a name for itself that few of us can argue with. It did that by offering a very generous 97.75% payout percentage to punters. Now, we’re not that easily impressed, but we were definitely speechless after hearing that news. It may come last on this list, but the figures across the board don’t lie, as Dunder Casino is an online casino that is making quite the impact in 2017.