How to find a new casino with an online casino portal

gentleman1It wouldn’t come as a shock to most people to find out that there are well over 3,000 casinos currently functioning online. We see new online casinos advertised everywhere, from television and radio, to flyers, websites and Internet pop-ups. We see so many new casinos continuously promoted and there are so many new casino options out there that the prospect of actually selecting one may be rather daunting to some people. Trawling through Internet search pages is time consuming not to mention tedious task, with it by no means being the most efficient way to find a new casino or new mobile casino.

Casino portals – The player’s best friend

That’s where online casino portals come in to play. Using a renowned portal can help guide new users through the plethora of new casino sites out there, and makes it easier for them to make a choice by taking a lot of the mystery and guess work out of the equation. Casino portals provide news and information relation to new online casinos and highlights the services that they offer, along with their key features.

The first thing that you will be drawn to when finding an new casino via an online casino portal should be the reviews; but not the commissioned on-site reviews as these will sometimes give a biased view on the product in question. The more trustworthy reviews are the user reviews, as they are submitted to the casino portals through an open submission and are usually not mediated, this ensures that user’s honest opinions are given regarding these casinos therefore allowing potential new users to properly evaluate their options and go ahead to make their choice. So, whatever you do make sure that you go ahead and read the user reviews for potential new online casinos you’re thinking of becoming a member of.gentleman2

As well as the opinions brought to you by the user reviews there are also the facts about the casinos that are brought to you by the online casino portals, this is done by presenting you with statistics that let you see clearly what new casino sites have to offer.

There are three main things you should be looking for within these statistics, the first being the length of time the casino has been in operation. Due to the highly competitive market of online gambling it is difficult for new casino brands to establish themselves and achieve longevity. If you find a new casino that has been around for quite a number of years then this shows you that they are doing well. The second thing to take into consideration is the number of members a casino has. If an online casino has a grand number of members then that shows that many have faith in the product in question.

The final thing to look out for is the selection of games a new casino has to offer. If there are only a handful of games then this casino doesn’t have much to offer their users and should probably be avoided.

Payments and Currencies

When you pick out your online casino, you should make sure that they offer your preferred currency as well as your preferred payment method. This is nothing much to worry about if you are using VISA or Mastercard, as the vast majority of online casinos on the market offer these payment methods. But if you’re looking for something a bit more rare, such as a casino that accepts Bitcoin, you can use a casino guide. At you can find a list of UK casinos that offer this. They also have plenty of more guides and lists of what online casinos has to offer.

Bonuses, promotions and free spins

The other statistics that online casino portals have to offer are based on promotions, rewards and bonuses. Instead of just being able to see the promotional highlights from the casinos themselves, the portals offer an in depth look at their promotions, wagering requirements, deposit and withdrawal limits, and time-caps. Putting it simply, you may see new no deposit casino after new no deposit casino listed online, but only a online casino portal can lead you to the truth of the matter.

The large number of online casinos out there means that for a potential new user, finding a casino that they’d like to join can be nothing short of intimidating. Online casino portals take a lot of the guesswork out of it and really separate the wheat from the chaff. All in all, an online casino portal helps you analyse your options, leading to you to a new casino that you can trust as a result.